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New Patients 

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient at Cincinnati Allergy & Asthma Center! To provide you with the best service, please register for our online patient portal using the link to the right or by visiting
You will find the new patient paperwork in the portal. Please complete the following forms as soon as possible:
● Patient registration● New patient intake form● Personal health information (PHI) disclosure● Notice of privacy practices
If you are having difficulty accessing the patient portal or completing your new patient paperwork, please use the link to the right called “Helpful Tips for Accessing Patient Portal” or contact our office by phone (513-861-0222) or email and we will be happy to assist you:
● Hyde Park – moc.cni-caac%40ph● Mason – moc.cni-caac%40nosam● Anderson – moc.cni-caac%40dna

Please note that oral antihistamines (Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, Xyzal, Benadryl or their generic equivalents) need to be discontinued 7 days prior to the visit to allow for skin testing, if indicated. Certain other medications may also interfere with skin testing. Please click the link to the right to review the list of “Medications to Discontinue for Allergy Testing” and contact our office if you have any questions.
If you are being seeing for hives (urticaria) or a recent allergic reaction, do not discontinue antihistamines unless directed by our office. 

Established Patients

    Please sign up for our PATIENT PORTAL. This allows you to securely message the physicians, view your chart and any lab results.
    Back to school forms – Please make a note of our office’s policies on completing health forms. Please try to plan in advance.
    FMLA papers will be completed within the week. There is a charge of $25.00.

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